Teaching Turn Taking & Sharing

A great way to learn the basic social skills of turn taking and sharing is by playing simple card games and board games. For students who are just beginning to learn these skills it’s important to start with simple games with not too many rules, such as dominoes or lotto.

Here are a couple of my games which are great to start with

Animals Domino Game

Robot Lotto

Both these games involve simple matching skills in addition to teaching kids to wait until it’s their turn to play. It’s best for students to play games with an adult first until they have grasped the basic social skills required.

Once your students are ready to play games with a few more rules, here are some games they might enjoy. I love how sturdy Orchard Toys games are- they last for years.


To see more of my turn taking games in Curriculum for Autism’s TPT store        then CLICK HERE

Games really are a great way to combine Academic goals with Social Skills goals. Have fun!


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