Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills and Motor Planning can be difficult for some kids with autism. This can impact on their ability to write & draw. That’s why I have created several Fine Motor products, and STEMthinking has created some Drawing Skills products.

You can check out my Fine Motor activities HERE

and STEMthinking‘s Drawing Skills products HERE


If you’re looking for more inspiration for Fine Motor activities for your students, you can follow my Fine Motor Skills Pinterest boards.

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FREE Sorting Boards

If you’re teaching your students Visual Discrimination skills then I hope my FREE Same/Different Sorting Boards are useful in your classroom.

This set of Same or Different Vehicle Theme Sorting cards is easy prep. The sorting boards are also available in my store, for free.

You can use these boards with any of my Same Different flash cards eg Same/Different Vehicles (shown above).

These Same or Different clip cards & task cards are great for Visual Discrimination and Early Language Skills

Same, Different Colors, Shapes, Nouns, Autism, Special Education, Speech


Getting Ready for Back To School

Many teachers are already thinking about returning to school after their summer break. With lots of planning and preparing to do and new resources to find for pupils it can be an expensive time of year for teachers.

If you’re looking to save yourself time and money by buying resources for your next class, I have created several DISCOUNTED BUNDLES for you.

This Same/Different Thinking Skills Bundle is great for teaching the tricky concepts of Same & Different

Same Different Bundle

Here’s my 2D & 3D Shapes Bundle

2D 3D Shapes Bundle


Clip Cards for students with autism

I love creating clip cards for students. They’re a great way to engage students of all abilities. For kids who have difficulty writing, clip cards enables them to show their knowledge with out the stress of having to write.

For students who need to fidget, clip cards keep their hands busy and provide their hands with sensory feedback, while they’re focusing answering. Providing a variety of different types and sizes of clips will help your students practice their fine motor skills too.

Clip cards don’t need to just be for Speech & Language activities. I love to use them for Math, Science, Life Skill & Geography tasks too.

Check out some of my clip cards from my TpT & Autism Educator stores.

Adjective Clip Cards
Adjective Clip Cards
How Are They Different? Clip Cards
How Are They Different? Clip Cards

New Resources for Back to School

This summer, I’ve been busy creating lots of new educational autism resources for my stores.

If you’re looking for speech & language, reading, math, or science resources for the new school year, please check out the wide range of activities in my stores Teachers Pay Teachers, Autism Educators & TES.

Here’s a small selection of my new resources

Same & Different set
Same & Different set
Electricity Interactive Adapted Book
Electricity Interactive Adapted Book
Which One Doesn't Belong?
Which One Doesn’t Belong?