Do you have students who are reluctant to write?

If you have students who are reluctant to write answers to math problems, you might be interested in my new Circle To Match sets. These are great for students who would prefer to circle, check or dab their answers, or they could even use stickers. And, they’re no prep for you!

Circle to Match Set 1- Rounding

Rounding to Nearest 10, 100, 1000, Autism, Special Ed, Independent Work


Circle to Match Set 2- Multiply & Divide by 10

Multiply & Divide by 10, Autism, Special Ed, Independent Work


Circle to Match Set 3- Fractions, Percents & Decimals

Fractions, Percents & Decimals Worksheets, Autism, Special Education

More Circle to Match sets are coming soon, at a variety of levels!

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Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills and Motor Planning can be difficult for some kids with autism. This can impact on their ability to write & draw. That’s why I have created several Fine Motor products, and STEMthinking has created some Drawing Skills products.

You can check out my Fine Motor activities HERE

and STEMthinking‘s Drawing Skills products HERE


If you’re looking for more inspiration for Fine Motor activities for your students, you can follow my Fine Motor Skills Pinterest boards.

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Clip Cards for students with autism

I love creating clip cards for students. They’re a great way to engage students of all abilities. For kids who have difficulty writing, clip cards enables them to show their knowledge with out the stress of having to write.

For students who need to fidget, clip cards keep their hands busy and provide their hands with sensory feedback, while they’re focusing answering. Providing a variety of different types and sizes of clips will help your students practice their fine motor skills too.

Clip cards don’t need to just be for Speech & Language activities. I love to use them for Math, Science, Life Skill & Geography tasks too.

Check out some of my clip cards from my TpT & Autism Educator stores.

Adjective Clip Cards
Adjective Clip Cards
How Are They Different? Clip Cards
How Are They Different? Clip Cards