Sensory Seating

Do you have kids in your classroom who struggle to sit still during lessons? They probably need to move in order to stay focused. A great way to let them move and work at the same time is to give them a wobble cushion like this one (affiliate link)

At home, my son actually loves to sit on a wobble cushion on top of a step ladder for extra sensory input.

If you’re looking for more sensory ideas for your classroom, here’s a FREE Sensory Strategies poster 

Meeting sensory needs is vital if we want kids to be able to learn.


Did you know that your school can now set up whole school account on TPT?

Many dedicated teachers are currently buying resources for their special education students with their own money. If you are one of these amazing teachers who always pays for new activities for your classroom yourself, then why not ask your school to sign up for  a  TPT Schools account . Using your new school account you can  browse my  Curriculum For Autism store and choose what you need for you class, while you admin pays for the resources. This is a great way to buy bigger BUNDLES for your students.

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